Max Emmerson

Max Emmersson works for general Clearwater, and he’s infact Marc Saunders biological father. Clearwater is responsible for evaluating new experimental weapons systems for the Pentagon, and Max is the guy directly under him, running that team. If USA would ever encounter alien life, Clearwater is the one in charge, and Max will be the guy executing his orders. Max is a CIA legend. Regarded as the best there ever was, before joining Clearwater instead. It’s generally accepted that Max could possibly be the only man alive who could possibly best Marc in battle.

Max once had an affair with Marcs Saunders mother before she disappeared. Not knowing she was pregnant at the time, Max simply assumed she had moved on. (today, she’s assumed murdered by Rex Kane) But she had given birth to Marc somewhere, before vanishing.  Marc’s early years are unknown, but later he appeared as a kid living on the streets as an orphan. It was Max team who found Marc and brought him in because of his powers, and later Marc started to suspect that Marc was his son.
A DNA test confirmed it.

Now father and son has teamed up, both working for General Clearwater.

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