Marion Gold

Marion Gold was a five-year young girl who lost her parents in a violent fire, which was threatening to kill her too when Marc appeared and saved her life. He took care of her, despite being very young himself. They lived on the streets for while – Marc and her – surviving only because of Marc’s powers.

The military caught wind of young Marc and his powers, and tried to
bring him in, but they failed miserably. Marc made a deal with them though: they would find an adoptive family for Marion and Marc would surrender to the military. They had little choice but to agree. Marion Gold got a new family and Marc was brought up by the military as their super-agent. Then the two were separated for many years.

Marion went on to create CBW, Comunication Branding Worldwide, a hugely successful news network, starting on the web and then branching into TV and radio. It turned out, she had a real talent for it, and the network grew with recordbreaking speed, making Marion very rich, very fast. Still, she remembered the young hero who saved her life, took care of her, and then suddenly vanished. She had started to believe he was a figment of her imagination, nothing else.

And then one day, he suddenly re-appeared.
This time, he saved the entire planet.

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