Marc Saunders

Marc Saunders mother, Sally Fort, was a part of a team scouting for oil in the north sea for investor Rex Kane.  They found a meteorite that carried a lethal alien microbe, that killed eveyone  infected, with the one exception of Sally. The microbial lifeform was weakened by the impact and thus less lethal than otherwise. The microbes DNA fused with survivor Sally Forts mitochondrial DNA, creating a powerful alien hybrid. Sally’s final destiny is still unknown, but her son has inherited her mitochondrial DNA, something which is only passed on, on the mothers side.

Marc is invulnerable, superstrong, and extremly intelligent as a result, and has the killer instinct of the organism that once killed all life on the planet Mars.

He’s never been defeated as a result of this.

He lived alone on the street by himself in his early years, and can’t remember much beyond that. At some point he saved Marion Gold’s life and took care of her for a while. Then Max and the military brought him ‘home’ to the military (and at the same time, they provided Marion with an adopted home) . He has spent his whole life working for the military as an agent. He’s a fierce democrat, something Max tought him to be.

While living on the streets, he chose his own name, Marc Saunders.  Marc means ‘Of The God Of War’.  Saunders was just a random name from a newspaper he found. Marc is extremly intelligent, but it’s unknown where he learned to read, or where he picked up many of those special abilities he possesses today. Someone must have cared for him at some point, but it remains a mystery to this day who that could be. Whoever that was, saw Marc as a future warrior – that much is certain – and trained him as such.

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